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Voices of the Outstanding 50 – Learning from Asian American Business Role Models

Program Description:

Asians in America are among the most successful and energetic contributors to the corporate and entrepreneurial worlds. But many of their stories are unknown and their voices unheard. The Asian American Business Development Center (AABDC) is tapping hundreds of its business award winners from the past decade to share their experiences, and offer encouragement and wisdom through a recurring evening event in New York City that will feature a keynote speaker or a panel.

Themes that will be explored include: getting into leadership roles, the importance of mentorship, being a minority in your company/industry, challenges Asian women face, how to present effectively and career lessons learned.

Speakers will come from the Pinnacle Award ranks, the highest honor from the AABDC, as well as the over 700 Outstanding 50 Asian Americans in Business award winners from the past 16 years. Hailing from a diversity of industries and from around the United States, the event speakers will offer insights from their roles at Fortune 500 companies, as small- and medium-sized business owners, and as start up entrepreneurs.

Event Structure:

Frequency of every month, or every other month, in New York City

Between 2-3 hours, with minimum 1 hour presentation and time for networking before and after; an afterwork timing to encourage attendance

Keynote speaker format for most senior speakers, e.g. AMD CEO Lisa Su, PepsiCo Chief Scientific Officer Mehmood Khan

Panel set up for thematic discussions, e.g. sharing career lessons, mentorship

Benefits for Corporate:

Having their Pinnacle or Outstanding 50 awardee featured as a speaker/panelist

If hosting at corporate venue, branding internally and externally as a champion of diversity

Extending activities of Asian employee resource group activities

Being able to send employees to high quality presentations that will help with career development and networking

Hearing from other corporates on best practices in diversity and inclusion

Being an influencer on D&I through participation in the program


Click here to see the full length Series One panel discussion:

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